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Logo Our Logo

The Warlawurru (eagle) original logo was designed by Marie Nakara Minga,. On deciding the name of the school and creating the logo, the people of Lunja Community, Red Hill travelled the countryside listening to people from Lombadina, One Arm Point, Bidyadanga and Yaruman. After listening to the people and priests about how God was present in their lives, the Lunja people returned to Red Hill after each visit and thought about their own country, its Dreaming, their Community, their school and how God could be in their lives. The people of Lunja Community started singing songs about Ngawi in their own Jaru language. They thought about the big Lunja tree (Snappy Gum) which grew in the Community when they first settled and had given them their community name. The people of the Community had noticed a small stone on top of the hill, where the Warlawurru would sit and overlook the land. The flat bottom of the hill was surely the site for the school.They remembered the Kija Dreamtime story which recalls the travels of a great eagle (the big hill which stretched out at the back of the school) and how the eagle watched the kangaroos (the white stone in the range way in the distance, across the highway). That eagle kept flying all the way to the big range near Flora Valley.                                          (Education Policy, Warlawurru catholic School, 1994)



Our Motto

The Dreamtime story of Warlawurru, the location and the Lunja tree, inspired the school motto
‘Ngawi ngan yura, kiningi ngan yuru’
Which can be translated as meaning…
‘Because of God’s goodness our hearts are good’
The Warluwurru is seen as parallel to God’s spirit caring for His people like the eagle gently hovering over its young.


LogoOur School Prayer

Ngawi our God, we thank you for our school and the people in it.
We thank you for our beautiful world, especially our home here in Halls Creek.
Keep us safe in your care and teach us to love each other. Help us to be proud of who we are.
Ngawi, you are our God.

School photo

Aerial view Warlawurru